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VLW Consulting if passionate about supporting the financial literacy and growth of players on and off the field. We partner with premium service providers to bring the best resources to our players, their families, and our network. Positioning and planning for the future are vital to building a strong foundation for success.

We have partnered with GAMSG to help you:

Build Your Own Bank

Establish Tax-Free Retirement Solutions

Protect Your Future



Genesis Asset Mgmt Strategies Group has been successfully meeting the needs of our clients for over a decade. Our dedicated agents specialize in insurance and wealth management services.

We simply don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We work with you to create individualized solutions. Our team is here to help our clients ask the right questions, identify their specific insurance demands, and voice their concerns so we can best meet them.

Our goal is to protect, position, and increase your assets.

Friendly Young Doctor

Healthcare Insurance

Individual & Group

Family at a Beach

Life Insurance

Expand Your Portfolio

Luxury Home

Property & Casualty Insurance

Protect Your Practice & Your Assets

Golf Partners

Retirement Strategy

Plan for the Future

Tools for You

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