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Understanding Group Whole Life Insurance

Group whole life insurance is a type of life insurance in which a single contract covers an entire group of people and it is provided by an employer. With Group Whole Life Insurance, you can be more prepared for the unexpected. It's protection for your entire lifetime, plus it has the ability to build cash value that you can borrow from for any reason.

Consider the whole picture

Built-In guarantees Group Whole Life Insurance comes with three value guarantees:

  • A guaranteed death benefit

  • Guaranteed cash value

  • Guaranteed level premium

Portable coverage This coverage can be the perfect complement to the group life insurance employers typically offer. You own the certificate along with the accumulated cash value and you can take it with you, even if you change jobs.

Dividends Certificate owners are eligible to receive dividends each year beginning on the certificate's second anniversary. Although dividends aren't guaranteed, our carriers have paid them to policy owners.

GAMSG works with the best carriers to bring your organization the resources it needs from a coverage and educational perspective. Our expert agents, customized workshops, and learning portal are there to support your organization every step of the way.

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