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Understanding an Agent of Record Change

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Do you have questions about an insurance policy you purchased online?

Are you currently unsatisfied with your level of service with your existing insurance agent?

Have you considered an Agent of Record Change?

An agent of record is the individual or company authorized to represent an insured in the purchase, servicing, and maintenance of insurance coverage with a designated insurer. If a customer becomes unhappy with the service they are receiving from their agent, The customer can complete a form listing the new agent's name and transfer it into the new agent's name. Agent of Record changes are performed on all types of insurance policies such as health, life, home, auto, and business insurance.

The agent of records process accomplishes several things:

  1. Empowers the customer

  2. Influences Level of Service from Insurance Agent

The Forms Needed for an Agent of Record Change

You will need the following to move forward with an Agent of Record Change.

  • Agent of Record Form/Application

  • Agent of Record Letter

  • The underwriter writes these to ensure that accounts are preserved by the insurance company and give the client the ability to switch services.

GAMSG specializes in offering boutique and customized services to our clients. We work with you to understand your personal and financial goals while incorporating solutions from the best carriers to design personalized strategies just for you. We will explain your policy to you and provide you with consultations to let you know where you stand as applicable.

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