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Coverage for Your Home Based Business & Tips for Working From Home

Working remotely seems like a great option for giving your career more freedom, but it can also have its own unique challenges. Whether you’re new to working remotely or are a longtime practitioner, these quick tips will help you boost productivity, streamline your process and make the most of your endeavors.

Working from home means something different to everyone. On occasion, the couch or your most comfortable chair might be all you need. However, if you’re going to perform a work at home job, you need a dedicated space and some structure in your day to help you focus.

1. Establish a work area

This means creating a space that has what you need and is quiet enough for you to focus and avoid distractions. Having a space that’s set up for working helps you to separate work time from home time.[1]

Be sure that, if you work on a computer, you have a chair and desk area that are ergonomic to help prevent fatigue. When you’re comfortable, it’s also easier to get more work done.[2] Limit access to this area to family only. Let everyone know that this is your work and it’s important to treat it as a business space.

2. Plan your working hours

When working from home or freelancing, the lines between your personal and working lives can blur. This can make it difficult to focus or know when to stop for the day. Determine your working hours and stick to them.[3] Let clients and coworkers know your hours, and be available during those times. Let family know that during working hours you won’t be available to them unless it’s something urgent.

3. Take breaks

You won’t have the opportunity to chat at the water cooler or in the break room, so it’s important to schedule breaks throughout your workday.[4] Get up, take a walk and grab some water. Be sure to take time away from your desk for meal breaks. You’ll feel more refreshed and focused. Working too long without a break can put a damper on your productivity. Do whatever it takes to make sure your physical and mental needs are being met throughout the day. Your wellbeing is essential for your best work.

4. Become your own IT specialist

Make sure you keep your equipment protected and up to date with virus protection and software rollouts to avoid issues.[5] It makes sense to invest in high-speed internet so you can access documents and downloads without frustration, too. Consider keeping important documents in cloud storage accounts so you can view your work anywhere if you’re on the go.

The key to successfully running your business from home is treating it like you’re working in an office. Conduct your day and business just like you would in an office environment to give yourself some structure and boost your productivity.

5. Stay connected

When you work in an office, it’s easy to stay connected with coworkers, but working from home can feel isolating. Set aside time once a week (or as often as you feel comfortable) to do some remote networking. Catch up over email, instant messenger, video chat, or whatever works best for you.

6. Follow virtual meeting etiquette

Your home probably has some distractions you’ll learn to tune out — a barking dog, chatty kids, or a certain neighbor who uses their industrial-strength gas-powered leaf blower approximately four times a day. Whatever it is, don’t let it impact your scheduled meetings, and keep yourself on mute whenever possible. Learn how to conduct an online meeting.

7. Embrace the perks

Working remotely offers some truly amazing benefits: zero commute time, more comfortable clothing, and the opportunity to run a load of laundry while you’re updating spreadsheets. Find a routine that allows you to make the most of your surroundings.

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