Understanding the options you have to scale and protect your business are key!

Our team can compile a winning portfolio for you while educating you on ways to enhance your existing infrastructure.

First Responders

Your committment to protect and serve the community is appreciated. Our team wants to show you innovative ways to protect your assets and your family.

Business Professionals

Your investment portfolio is more than just your 401k, real estate, and IRAs.

Our qualified team can provide you with options to expand and protect your portfolio.

Athletes & Entertainers

The success you have achieved is one in a million. Our qualified team has experience working with multi-million dollar portfolios while educating our clients, their families, and supportive staff on the resources needed to maintain longevity while protecting assets.

Understanding Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance-Pays the people you choose—your spouse, children, or other beneficiaries a fixed amount of money if you die. It’s a way for you to proactively take care of your loved ones so they don’t have to worry when you’re gone.

Permanent Life Insurance -Includes “cash value.” Like a savings account, you deposit money into every month. This money you own and can access or borrow against. Also, the longer you have the policy, the more cash value the policy has.

Another major difference between permanent life and term life policies is that permanent life policies don’t expire. They continue until you die or quit paying your premium.

Whole Life Insurance -Lock in the premium amount for as long as you want the policy. Each month, you pay your premium to the insurance company. A portion of that premium goes into the cash value and grows over the whole life of the policy. The longer you own the policy, the more cash value it has.

Universal Life Insurance -Like a whole life policy, universal life insurance has a death benefit and a cash value. Universal life insurance policies offer adjustable premiums which means you may have the option to access some of the cash value to adjust your yearly payment.

Joint Life Insurance -The policy covers two individuals for one fee. These policies pay a death benefit as soon as the first spouse dies. They pay out the same benefit to either spouse.

Final Expense Life Insurance -The policy covers your funeral and burial expenses when you die so that your family isn't left with the responsibility of the costs.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance -The policy provides a term policy without a medical exam.

Decreasing Term Life: Mortgage Life and Credit Life Insurance-Decreasing term life insurance provide a death benefit that decreases in proportion with a decrease in your liabilities. The policy is a way to settle debts or pay off your mortgage if you die.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance-This policy pays out in the event of your accidental death or dismemberment



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