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Draft Protection is disability insurance that a student athlete with Professional potential can buy to protect against his/her Loss of Future Earnings as a professional athlete due to a Permanent Total Disablement that may occur prior to signing a professional contract.


  •  Worldwide Coverage

  • 24-Hour Coverage

  • Accident & Sickness



Temporary Disability

Temporary Total Disability provides a monthly or weekly benefit to the athlete if as a result of an accidental bodily injury (on or off the field) or sickness, an athlete is physically unable to participate in their sport. The policy will begin to pay a benefit following an elimination period, and will continue to pay as long as the person remains disabled or the maximum benefit period of coverage is exhausted.


Loss of Value

An athlete may insure skill level with the loss of value” coverage. If a player, is projected to be a first round draft pick and gets injured before the draft and isn’t selected until the third round, the athlete stands to lose a sizable contract. This type of coverage may also be used by professionals prior to re-signing contracts.


Contract Guarantee

Professional football contracts provide the least amount of protection for a player. If a player is not performing as hoped, the team can waive the player at any time, and make much of the multi-million dollar contract worthless. Similarly, if an athlete is disabled and unable to make it through the rigorous training camps, they may also be waived. Contract Guarantee coverage will pay the remaining balance of the contract to the player if waived.

Future Contract Value

A few sports may offer fully guaranteed contracts, but at the end of a contract there is no guarantee of future protection. If an athlete is an all-star caliber player, they are likely to sign a large, if not record breaking, contract at the end of the existing contract. In order to protect the income of a future contract, a player may insure the future value for which they are estimated to re-sign.


Permanent Disability

Permanent Total Disability provides a lump sum benefit to the athlete if as a result of an accidental bodily injury (on or off the field) or sickness, an athlete is physically unable to participate in their sport. Additionally, the player has no hope of improvement sufficient to ever again commence a career as a professional in their sport. Permanent Total Disability is designed to replace both personal and what would have been future income. This is oftentimes referred to as a "career ending injury."

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Whole Life Insurance -Lock in the premium amount for as long as you want the policy. Each month, you pay your premium to the insurance company. A portion of that premium goes into the cash value and grows over the whole life of the policy. The longer you own the policy, the more cash value it has.


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